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Mini Ultrasound Knife is a three-in-one function instrument integrating ultrasonic/RF/microelec tricity. The HIFU ultrasonic focus point acts on the SMAS layer of the human body to reorganize the collagen in the SMAS tissue without damaging the normal tissues, thereby achieving the effect of fascia lifting; RF radio frequency can emit 1 million micro-waves per second to warm the skin deeply, Opening the pores is conducive to other skin care and cleansing; the EMS micro-electric pulse function can lift and tighten the skin and massage the skin.


Ultrasonic function: mainly used to promote facial collagen regeneration, restore skin elasticity, dilute fine lines, and enhance facial contours;

RF radio frequency function: promote the decomposition of subcutaneous fat, open the pores quickly, which is conducive to skin cleansing;

EMS function: massage facial skin in multiple modes to strengthen skin lifting and firming;

Mini ultrasound three in one lifting device

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