Beauty from nature!

Our Product Story

My skin care line is very unique and has a sweet story to it. When I was child growing up in Estonia, my Grandmother made a thick yellow salve to heal our skin injuries and conditions. Her salve healed and eliminated scars incredibly fast. Her secret was a magic berry called Sea Buckthorn. This berry has been used in Siberia for centuries and mostly grows in Siberia and Asia. It’s a small bright orange berry that is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is known for its incredible healing and therapeutic benefits. When I became a Medical Aestetican, I evolved my grandmother's salve into a product line called Siberian Beauty Oils and Balms.  Clients all over the world use my oils and balms to heal a wide variety of skin concerns; such as, rosacea, acne, eczema, burns, scars, and rashes.

Siberian Beauty Products have bioactive ingredients; such as, carotenoids, tocophenols, fatty acids, flavonoids and phenols; along with a high concentration of Vitamin C to fight against aging, environmental polutants, and imbalances as it cures a wide spectrum of skin conditions.  Safe for all skin types and ages. It’s free from any preservatives and chemicals.


Siberian Beauty is from my family to yours to enjoy for a lifetime of healthy looking skin. 

Meadowfoam Seed Oil

Meadowfoam is an ingredient that seems to be popping up in the best skin care lines.  It’s not just a pretty name, it has incredible benefits for your skin.  While in bloom, fields of these little white flowers resemble white foam gently drifting on the ocean, giving it’s name.  


Meadowfoam seed oil is very emollient due to its high composition of long chain fatty acids and vitamin E, which not only deeply moisturize but also serve as a powerful antioxidant eliminating free radicals and keeping them from harming your skin. It has amazing hydrating and rejuvenating benefits, deeply moisturizing and reducing the signs of aging on your skin. 


The presence of Meadowfoam seed oil in your skin care products helps to extend their shelf life because of its high stability.

Sea Buckthorn Oil

The incredible qualities of Sea Buckthorn have been known for centuries throughout Europe and Asia, as a skin care and remedy and as a nutritional supplement. Its small, bright orange berries are rich in vitamins and minerals associated with truly incredible healing, nutritive, and therapeutic applications.


The richly colored oil produced from Sea Buckthorn berries is so abundant in vitamins, antioxidants, and other healing compounds, as well as other vitally important  health-promoting vitamins, fatty acids, and micro-elements.


Sea Buckthorn berries contain more than 190 varieties of bioactive substances such as carotenoids (pro-vitamin A), tocopherols (vitamin E), and phylloquinone (vitamin K). The berry oil includes health-promoting vitamins, fatty acids, flavonoids and phenols. Sea Buckthorn oil is also used to treat burns, skin lesions and other skin problems, including rosacea and eczema, cervical erosions, and atherosclerosis.

Beauty from nature!

The Oils in Our Products

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