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Beauty from nature!

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Our Product Story

My skin care line is very unique and has a sweet story to it. When I was a child growing up in Estonia, my Grandmother made a thick yellow salve to heal our skin injuries and conditions. Her salve healed and eliminated scars incredibly fast. Her secret was a magic berry called Sea Buckthorn. This berry has been used in Siberia for centuries and mostly grows in Siberia and Asia. It’s a small bright orange berry that is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is known for its incredible healing and therapeutic benefits. When I became a Medical Aesthetician, I evolved my grandmother's salve into a product line called Siberian Beauty Oils and Balms. Clients all over the world use my oils and balms to heal a wide variety of skin concerns; such as, rosacea, acne, eczema, burns, scars, and rashes.

Siberian Beauty Products have bio-active ingredients; such as carotenoids, tocopherols, fatty acids, flavonoids, and phenols; along with a high concentration of Vitamin C to fight against aging, environmental pollutants, and imbalances as it cures a wide spectrum of skin conditions. Safe for all skin types and ages. It’s free from any preservatives and chemicals.

Siberian Beauty is from my family to yours to enjoy for a lifetime of healthy-looking skin. 

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Clean Living Starts...

Ingredients!!  Every day the average person comes into contact with hundreds of harmful chemicals found in food, drinks and household cleaners. Limiting contact with these harmful elements and using products with plant-extracted ingredients only, can empower one to lead a clean lifestyle in pursuit of optimal wellness.

We don’t make good products, we make great products!  The nutrients and healing properties of plant based products can benefit everyone…women, men, children and pets.

Products containing too many ingredients only deliver micro-doses, rendering the effectiveness of each ingredient virtually useless.  Fewer ingredients mean higher dosages, delivering target ingredients in higher concentration, maximizing our products efficiency.


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