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Products containing too many ingredients only deliver micro-doses, rendering the effectiveness of each ingredient virtually useless. Fewer ingredients mean higher dosages, delivering target ingredients in higher concentration, maximizing our products efficiency. 

Growing up in Estonia, my grandmother made a thick yellow salve to heal our skin injuries and conditions. Her salve healed and eliminated scars incredibly fast. Her secret was a magic berry called Sea Buckthorn. This berry has been used centuries and mostly grows in Siberia and Asia. It's a small bright orange berry that is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is known for its incredible healing ,rejuvenating and therapeutic benefits.When I became a Medical Aesthetician, I evolved my grandmother's salve into a product line called Siberian Beauty ... My Clients have to use my oils and balms to heal a wide variety of skin concerns…. Must have Skin Rejuvenation item your daily routine..

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